ИЗГНАНИЕ ЧЕРКЕСОВ - Circassian’s expulsion

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Enormous military forces were concentrates against Circassia. Besleneys were evicted to Turkey in 1861. Then Cuban Kabardians, Termiroys, Abazins were expelled too. In 1862 Natukhajses get their turn to be expelled, they lived in the region of Anapa and Cemeza (now Novorossiysk) During the winter in 1863-1864 military forces were attacking Abzakhs. Attacking people in winter caused losses of lives among the inhabitants. «Destroying stocks and pickles is determined for population, and hillman started to live in pain without houses, and their amount and quality of food is miserable», «only one-tenth of population died because of weapons and battles, but everyone else was killed by loses, harsh winters spend in the epicenters of snowstorms on empty mountains».

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